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Trust 4ex is committed to sustainable and responsible business ethics. Through our CSR program, we are dedicated to:

  • Reducing our impact on the environment and tackling climate change by implementing a robust recycling program and a sustainable energy consumption model
  • Investing in local communities and offering our continuous support
  • Encouraging and supporting diversity in our workforce through quality training and development and effective human resource management
  • Acting fairly and ethically in all areas of our business Environment
  • Recycling bins for paper, plastic and aluminum
  • Recycling mobile phones, PCs/laptops and other office equipment when possible
  • Utilizing more energy efficient practices internally in regards to all electronic equipment
  • Utilizing technological advances to become more green
  • Reducing the paper trail and recycling printer papers and ink by double-sided printing

Trust 4ex offers a comprehensive online trading service

Trust 4ex offers a comprehensive online trading service in the global foreign exchange and commodities markets.